Small family campground in nature (forest, hills) in inland Croatia

camp site Bogata Suma

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Bogata Suma, kamperen in de natuur
GPS: 45.21798,15.41358

Call +385955555677 or +385 (0)95 5088 572 or mail

Vrij en natuurlijk kamperen in Kroatie

Camping in our 'rich forest'!

Our campsite Bogata Suma (Croatian for 'Rich Forest') is a family run business. We enjoy living with Nature, grow food and make beautiful and delicious products.
Our camp has only a few (big) spots because we love to know your name and give you a great experience in nature. Like we have every day.

You can camp with us all year round.
Sleeping in a tent is generally nice from mid April until the end of October. With a camper van or caravan you can enjoy true nature at any time of the year.
In winter it can be mild (15 degrees in December) or white (snow mostly in January). During this time of the year you have beautiful views.

Permaculture campsite

Our terrain (12 hectares) is designed with permaculture principles. For us, permaculture (permanent culture) is an harmonious integration of design and ecology. We respect nature, sustainability is our principle, our "footprint" should be as small as possible.

What's in it for you? We design edible landscapes, so you can be sure to get enough vitamins during your stay with us. And we profit from your stay because your waste will feed our soil or our animals.

Permaculture garden


We do our best to live in harmony with nature. Eco is a learning process to us. It should always get better; we're always looking for ways to make the cycle round.
It includes collecting, separating and reusing our waste, using only biodegradable soaps and products, and eating according to the season from our organic garden and terrain.
We also prefer the scythe over a motor mower because it is a great workout, it doesn't smell or make noise and a scythe doesn't break down as easily.


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Rest well in true nature


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Enjoy true nature! Permaculture camping in Croatia